About Us

Living Talent is a first of its kind Talent Hunt Company formed with the sole intention of bringing gifted and talented individuals together on a global platform. We take immense pride in launching a fair for all and multi genre intercontinental talent hunt

Media City Dubai, UAE

‘Living Talent – Masterpiece 2017’ aims to hunt for the most gifted and talented individuals in three different and broad categories and give them an international platform to showcase their talent.

Judges and viewers will together decide which participant advances to the next round to win the grand prize of $10,000.

Vision – For the people, of the people & by the people

We, at Living Talent, believe in revolutionizing the way talent is assessed in the industry with the aim of bringing together gifted and talented individuals irrespective of nationality, religion or gender.

Masterpiece – 2017 is the first event being organized under the banner with more events to follow annually.

The vision statement clearly states the guiding principles of Living Talent:

For the people – The aim is to hunt for gifted and talented individuals, across boundaries, to provide a launch pad for their talent which otherwise might go unnoticed.

Of the people – The winners of Living Talent will be chosen from among the most talented individuals by a comprehensive and stringent screening.

By the people – The winners will be chosen by the viewers through voting rights.

Living Talent – First of a Kind

  • Multi Genres – We provide a platform that not only caters to three genres at the same time but also provides enough liberty to all the talented individuals to do what they are best at.
  • Intercontinental – We provide one common platform for individuals across 5 continents to step forward and acclaim international fame
  • Fair for All (Live Screening) – The contest will be live screened at every stage and the viewers will be accorded voting rights. This will ensure that the competition is transparent and fair to all contestants irrespective of nationality, religion or gender.
  • International Venue with International Judges – Just like our contestants, our judges also come from different countries with expertise in diverse fields.
  • Big Win – All shortlisted contestants (+1 companion with each contestant) win a fully sponsored trip to Dubai, UAE for the semi – finals. The winners (one in each category) of the grand finale wins $10,000.

About the Masterpiece 2017

Masterpiece 2020 aims to bring together all the talented individuals on one platform broadly in 3 genres viz:


  • 1

    All eligible candidates upload proof of their talent through videos.

  • 2

    225 participants will be shortlisted (75 in each genre) and invited (with a companion) to an all expense paid trip to Dubai for the semi – finals.

  • 3

    45 participants (15 in each genre) will move to the finals.

  • 4

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